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Water Heaters

By Admin . 26 Jun, 2017

Whether you’re new to the housing game or a long-time homeowner, general maintenance tasks are inescapable. Eventually, all homeowners encounter a leaky pipe or faucet, a broken garbage disposal or a clogged drain. Unlike in rentals, there’s no landlord required to assist you in righting these issues in your own home. Possessing a general understanding of how your home’s most important systems, especially your plumbing, work and who to turn to for routine maintenance can save you money on expensive repairs and ensure your home remains in good condition for as long as you live there.

Garbage Disposal

When you flip the switch for your garbage disposal and you don’t get so much as a hum, you’ve got a problem. More than likely, your disposal is just failing to take in power. Luckily, the fix is as simple as taking a look at the disposal itself and pressing the reset button. If that doesn’t work, you can always try unplugging it from the outlet and checking the operation of the outlet itself with another appliance such as a hair dryer, toaster or hair straightener. Nothing? Resetting the circuit breaker will probably fix your problem.

Homeowners often view their disposals as a one-stop, get-rid-of-leftovers shop, which is not its intended purpose. Occasionally you’ll encounter foods or objects that should never be tossed in the disposal, as they could cause severe damage to the system. If you notice your disposal is humming but doesn’t grind, is noisy or grinds on and off, your system may be jammed by something that shouldn’t be in there in the first place. To fix this problem at home, unplug the unit completely and locate a hex-shaped hole under the disposal. Using a properly-sized hex wrench, force it in both directions a few times to shake the impediment loose. Alternatively, use a pair of pliers or tongs (never your hand) to remove the culprit item from the disposal. If you still are struggling with a disposal jam, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Drain or Sewer Cleaning

Have you noticed your drains aren’t working as well as they should be? It may be a simple case of a clogged drain. Use a plumbing snake to locate and clear the blockage quickly and easily. However, ineffective drains throughout your home could point to a blockage deeper in your plumbing or sewer lines. Contact your municipal department and ask if there is a temporary sewer stoppage in your area. If not, a plumber should come in to clean out your pipes and sewer lines below your home just to be safe. Plumbing is delicate work, so it’s important you call upon a professional to take care of this job.


Little leaks can grow into big problems if they aren’t dealt with as soon as possible. The smallest drips can easily be repaired from home with epoxy putty. If you notice a slow, small leak in one of your lines, use a paper towel to wrap around the pipe and determine exactly where the water is escaping. Turn off your home’s water supply and drain the pipes of remaining water by running the taps. Putty, unfortunately, can’t stick to just anything. It needs a clean surface to adhere to before you repair the leak. Gently scrub the pipe clean and wipe it completely dry. Apply the putty over the leaky area and over an inch or two of clean pipe on either side to ensure it doesn’t budge later on. The epoxy putty should harden over the course of two hours. Though this fix works for little drips, a steady stream of water or a major leak should always be checked out by your local plumber.

Keep Your Home in Tip-Top Shape with North Texas Custom Plumbing

Proving yourself handy around your home can feel satisfying and exciting. However, big problems deserve expert advice. If you notice a major leak or blockage in your plumbing systems, it’s time to seek out help from the experts at North Texas Custom Plumbing. To schedule your service or consultation, contact us online or call 972-382-8324.

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