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Quality Plumbing Repair Services

North Texas Custom Plumbing provides the highest quality professional services including plumbing, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, replacements and repairs for the following:
  • Disposal – Located in the kitchen sink, this appliance prepares food to be discharged from the home through the home’s sewer system. 
  • Drain and Sewer Cleaning – The drain and sewer lines lead waste water away from the home. Periodically they need cleaning to protect against clogging and backup. 
  • Hydro Jet Cleaning – A method of cleaning with high-pressure streams of water to remove buildup of debris. 
  • Slab Leaks – Foundations hold pipes and sometimes these leak and if not repaired will cause substantial damage. 
  • Toilet Repair – From fill valve and flapper kits, valve repair kits and flush valve kits, to the gasket and hardware and more, we are able to address any issue. 
  • Grill Natural Gas Lines – These are the lines connecting outdoor grills to the natural gas lines, if not repaired, installed or inspected regularly, a dangerous situation could occur. 
  • Advanced Camera Diagnosis – A specialized camera is used to inspect piping from the inside out.
  • Faucet Repair/Replace – From installation to repair, we have the product and experience to improve the look of your kitchen or bathroom or repair your existing faucet returning it to good working order. 
  • Remodels – Looking for a new bathroom or kitchen? We can help with any remodeling job you might have in mind. 
  • Sterling Sink 
We use only name-brand parts and fixtures because we believe our clients deserve the best, sturdiest products on the market. As a client of North Texas Custom Plumbing, you will receive top-notch plumbing services by trained professional plumbers. For a skilled North Texas plumbing contractor you can trust, call us today.
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